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Get it Moving! is not a "nice to have" it's a "need to have." Let's face it, the prospect of moving is daunting and this service makes it much less overwhelming. They get it, are highly organized with an eye for what needs to be done when and bring a very professional approach to all aspects of the process. I wish they could organize and coordinate the rest of my life. 

- Nancy Sullivan, PR ExecutiveJacqui  Knapp is awesome with her one of a kind personallity!  The moment that she walked in, she immediately assessed the situation and took control.  Before I knew it she had everything organized as to what stays and what goes.  All I had to do was watch her and her crew hold up each item and say either "stay or go".  The stress of moving suddenly became UN-stressful as things started to magically disappear Jacqui streamlined the entire process and made my move seem fun and easy.  I highly recommend using "Get it Moving" to anyone who is moving or just needs to DE-clutter their home in a snap with finesse. The best kept secret in Los Angeles.                                             

- Steve Goldner, Agent

Get It Moving! and specifically Jacqui Knapp, has been an extraordinary help to me on many projects over the past few years. I am a single man, still fully employed, with very little predictable free time to arrange for contractors and repairmen to come to my home for estimates or to do the job. Jacqui takes care of all of that, from a major roof reconstruction to find and repair a leak, locating the right person to make a custom bed for me based on my personal preferences and only a photo of one that I had seen in Europe, multiple routine repairs which come up all the time in a house which is now 16 years old, and help with design questions and then going out to find the samples that I would get to approve. She's been great -very dependable and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend her.                                                                                                                                                                      

- Mel N., Orthopedic Surgeon We used Jacqui to do a complete reorganization of our garage and she was INCREDIBLE! So professional, helpful, detail oriented and she went above and beyond that task alone - picking up organizational items and even helping to set us up with another professional to build-out our closets.  She also could not be nicer - highly recommended!                                                                    

- David Fields, Media Consultant

 I have the pleasure of recommending Get it Moving! as an incredibly stress free and professional moving coordinator service. I hired "GIM" to assist me with a personal move from Beverly Hills to Malibu. I was very worried because of all of the "stuff" I had accumulated and did not know how to organize it or even understand if I should consider disposing of it. Jacqui and Inge basically took me under their "motherly" wings and led the charge in terms of helping to organize my move and, this includes the unpacking aspect of the mission. Not only was the move made with basically zero complications, but their bid actually came in under and they even helped me to organize during the unpacking. 

They are a great moving coordinator - home organizing team and I strongly recommend them if you want a little bit more of an intimate touch and "TLC" while you are going through what is always a challenging moment, a life relocation. 

- Thomas Adelman, Film Producer